I hope you enjoyed the site.  I expect to include more material soon.

In the meantime, email me with your comments or suggestions

Other websites I would recommend: My Daughter’s brilliant art showcase. Any aspiring writers out there? Get the best help you can from peer review.

Ann Swinfen’s author website – Ann is currently assisting me on my latest project, ‘The Swordsman of Calais.’

Past; Tense uploaded to You can read two short stories for nothing. Then if you like them you could buy the complete collection…

A few websites from YouWriteOn forum members: Jenny Keller Ford. Probably the most professional individual website I have seen. I don’t like to look for too long as I get jealous. Rosalid Winter. Children’s writer, Bellringer, Gnome fancier. Lives in Cornwall. (Lucky thing!) AnnSwinfen. Now she knows a thing or two about writing and isn’t averse to sharing it. Also

Someone else to whom I turn for a fresh, honest opinion is Susan Howe.

Clair Humphries is another well-known name around YWO.

There are many more on the forum. Some haven’t got websites and I would not publish their emails without permission. But if you are serious about writing, then you could do worse than get involved in YWO and build up a network of contacts who will be able to help with frank opinions, suggestions and the occasional much needed encouragement.

Happy reading! Happy writing!

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